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Make your own Stocking Stuffers - Bubbles

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Make your own Bubbles

It's simple to make your own bubble solution. Simply mix the following ingredients:
  1. 2 Tbsp light corn syrup (or use substitute glycerin from the drug store for longer-lasting bubbles)
  2. 4 Tbsp dishwashing liquid (some dishwashing liquids smell nice, so you can have apple or lemon scented bubbles!)
  3. 1 cup water
Place your bubble mixture in an interesting plastic container and let it sit for a few hours (the longer it sits, the better the bubbles).

Some simple container ideas (be sure to put this stocking stuffer gift into a water-tight container or put the entire bubble gift with wand into a plastic bag so it doesn't leak in your Christmas stocking!):
  1. Plastic margarine container
  2. Plastic yogurt container
  3. Tupperware-type containers
To make the gift complete, here are some bubble wand ideas:
  1. Pipe cleaners bent into interesting shapes
  2. Plastic drinking straws (single straws make tiny bubbles; tape several together for larger bubbles made up of little bubbles connected together)
  3. Plastic soda pop 6-pack holder
  4. Plastic cookie cutters
  5. A plastic lid (from yogurt or coffee can) with the center cut out
  6. Be creative - try a strawberry pint basket, or even a rope tied into a circle! We once saw our local bubble lady blow bubbles through a flip-flop!
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