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March 1, 2006
Back in January, I had intended to provide a list of some of the charitable organizations we support. Here are a few that we donated to in 2005: Think globally, act locally - that's what we're about!

February 28, 2006
Where has the time gone?
Ah, dear customers, life is bittersweet. The reason for my absence from this blog throughout December was that, well, we were incredibly busy (which is a great problem!). However, the reason for the lack of entries in January and February is that my wonderful, sweet Dad passed away unexpectedly in January. Needless to say, it's taking some time for life to get back to normal, and I've taken a lot of time off during this time. I'm slowly getting ready to jump back in and get going on all the great improvements and new offerings we have planned for you! Thanks for your patience. And remember, life is short - so hug those who are most dear to you, and live life to its absolute fullest - starting now!

December 1, 2005
My family and I just started lighting our Advent Wreath last night (yes, we're a few days late, but we were out of town!). We used the Advent Candle Holders in our Advent Wreath. I didn't have the right size candles, so I shaved off the ends of some tapers and jammed them into the holders. Whatever works, right? I keep reminding myself that our family Christmas traditions and celebrations don't have to be perfect, as long as we enjoy them and each other. We hope you remember that this season, too!

November 27, 2005
I just have to say that the "Flybabies" are the world's nicest customers. We have received countless encouraging emails. What a blessing to have such supportive customers!

November 26, 2005
What a day!! The FLYLady ( forwarded a testimonial I wrote, and since it mentioned our website, "Flybabies" from around the world (!) visited our site. Although our server was big enough, we found out the hard way that some settings were causing our big server to act like a little server. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon and evening found lots of our customers getting error messages or very slow response time on our website. Wouldn't you just know that I was out on a date to celebrate my wedding anniversary (and nowhere near my computer!)? After a few hours troubleshooting the problem, we finally got it fixed later that evening. What a stressful evening!

November 24, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving! My mother made the best turkey and gravy this year using one of those Reynolds Oven Bags. When it's my turn next year, I'll definitely try that! On the front, it's been a quiet day. It's nice to know that folks everywhere are taking a break to relax with friends and family.

November 15, 2005
I took some photos at our warehouse today. Here is one of our "elves" packing up orders!

November 1, 2005
Plumpstocking is included in Red Hat Society Lifestyle Magazine in the November/December issue. Welcome Red Hat Society Lifestyle Ladies! We think you are fabulous! We hope you have fun shopping for stocking stuffers with us!

October 31, 2005
Women's World hits newsstands with a piece on on page 4 of the November 8th issue. Women's World readers: welcome to our website!

October 24, 2005
After months of looking, I finally found the right chenille socks (that is, the right quality at the right price) to put in our stocking stuffer assortments. These things are like heaven on your feet. There are going to be some happy moms and grandmas out there on Christmas morning! They should be up on the website by Halloween.

October 21, 2005
We donated a huge basket full of goodies to one of our favorite charities tonight (Golden Gate Community Inc., which runs "social enterprises" that give at-risk-youth job training and mentoring). Our basket went for 25% over regular retail prices in the silent auction!

October 20, 2005
At the risk of being called a geek... I am so fired up about our new order status functionality! Now customers can check the status of their order and link directly over to the UPS tracking information. Just another step toward a real-time shopping experience for our customers. I love it!

October 18, 2005
One of the best parts of this job is testing fabulous gourmet samples. This week it was Raspberry Linzer Torte and Espresso Decadence Cake. YUM. They're great, super rich and just the right thing for a special stocking stuffer treat. We will definitely order these. Better hurry so that we can get them up on the website by the end of the month!

October 11, 2005
We pumped up our server today in anticipation of some press mentions. Migrating a server is never fun, but at least I'll be able to sleep tonight without worrying that our server will crash when certain magazines hit the newsstands! Which magazines, you ask? We'll be sure to tell you once they're published.

October 7, 2005
Great full-color article today (front page, shopping section) about us in the Contra Costa Times. One more to add to our growing press list!

October 6, 2005
Made a visit out to our warehouse today. Looks like our staff out there are getting the hang of our picking and packing system. One of the ladies who's tasked with assembling the stocking stuffers into their cellophane bags and tying the pretty raffia bows said that they love filling our orders. They feel like Santa's elves. That's just how we felt last year! We used to blast the Christmas tunes and pack all day...

September 29, 2005
Just a few more days and we will have over 300 new stocking stuffers! I'm thrilled with our fabulous new gourmet food (featured in the "Just Gimme the Goodies" Stocking Stuffer Assortment). We've added a bunch of new toys, our most popular stocking stuffer category. And for the guys, we have some great gizmos and tools. (Check out this cool fishing plier tool!) I am so excited to get these items inventoried and up on the site.

August 16, 2005
Big day today... we officially moved all our stocking stuffer inventory into our new warehouse. Hurrah! I'm excited about our new staff there. Detailed-oriented, organized, and kinda friendly, too!

August 5, 2005
Welcome to our blog, which I imagine will be full of the various milestones we make as a growing online retail store... I wish we'd started a blog earlier, so we could really show how far we've come. But in any case, here's your chance to be a fly on the wall in our offices and our warehouse as we pick and pack the perfect stocking stuffers for you. Thanks for your interest in our family business! --Kathleen

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